Copyright Policy

What is copyright?

Copyright is a form of protection provided by Canadian Copyright Act 1985 to the author for their original work such as photographs and digital images. Making the protection that copyright owners have are the exclusive rights to:

  • make copies of the work
  • prepare other works based on the original
  • distribute copies of the work to the public by sale, rental, lease or lending
  • to publically perform and display work

These are protected by law and those laws provide for damages and criminal penalties for violations. Both the customer and the lab are subject to the law.


How Does Copyright affect me?

All images are copyrighted by someone, even your own family photos. It is the intention of this store to comply with the copyright laws and to protect the ownership rights of copyright holders. At times, the existence of copyright claim or identity of the copyright owner in not apparent as the person who possesses the photo is not always the copyright owner. The key thing is to get permission of the true owner.


Who owns what?

The law says the author is the owner of the copyright. The author of a photo or image is usually the person who clicked the shutter to create the image. If you took the photo, you own the copyright. If a professional photographer took the photo for you, then he or shee owns the copyright – even if you paid them to do the work. If this photographer is an employee of a studio or other person in the business of making photos, then his or her employer is considered the author.


Scan It Up’s Policy


Plain and simple. WE RESPECT COPYRIGHTS!

there are laws that protect copyrights. It is usually illegal to copy photographs taken by others without their permission.


General Copying Policy

Where the photos were taken by our customers, they may be copied upon request. Where there is reasonable indication that someone other than our customer is the copyright owner, the photo will not be copied unless approved by a manager. Pictures greater than 75 years old can generally be copied without a release.



Copy requests by customers and reprint orders shall be inspected to determine if:

–          the materials have an ownership mark or there are other indications that the photos were taken by a professional photographer or someone other than our customer, or

–          The photo has indications that such a notice was removed or obscured


If there is no such notice or other indication that the photo was taken by someone else, it may be copied. If such a notice or indication exists, permission from the owner of the image is necessary or authorization from the manager or assistant manager.



 Copyright Policy