What is dpi?
What sizes can you scan?
What photos can not be batch scanned?
Is Flat Bed scanning better than batch scanning?

How should I sort my photos?
How should I package my photos?

Where do I ship or drop off my photos?
How do I pay for my order?


    •  What is DPI?

Dots per inch is the measure of the resolution of your image.

300 dpi will give you exact original in size and quality

Perfect for:

    • sharing online
    • viewing on tvs or computers
    • use in electronic media presentations
    • creating prints the same size as the original photo or document

600 dpi will give you copies suitable for enlargements up to 8” x 12” (from a 4”x6” original)

Perfect for:

    • proper archiving size of memories for future printing or viewing
    • photo books where images are larger than the original size
    • cropping photos you plan to print
    • mouse pads, calendars, t-shirts, etc.

1200 dpi will give you copies suitable for enlargement up to 24”x36” (from a 4”x6” original) without losing quality

Perfect for:

    • print enlargements
    • posters
    • canvas art
    • cropping photo for enlargement

ex. a 2”x3” photo scanned at 1200 dpi you can enlarge to 16”x24” without losing any quality

    •  What sizes can you scan?

Batch Scanning: from 2″x2.5″ to 8″x 10″

Flatbed Scanning: up to 8.5″ x 14″

    •  What photos can not be batch scanned?

  • Polaroids
  • Photos mounted on cardstock
  • photos glued into albums
  • scrapbooks pages
  • photos with residue on them from “stick” albums
  • photos that are curled or have damaged edges

We can scan these items for you but flatbed scanning pricing will be charged

    •  Is Flat Bed scanning better than batch scanning?

  • The quality is the same for both
  • Flat bed scanning is more expensive due to it’s labour intensive nature
  • Flat bed scanning takes much more time
  • Flat bed scanning is used for more delicate, damaged, or unusual items



    •  How should I sort my photos?

If you wish to organize your photos in a particular order, please number the backs of all photos and sort into stacks of up to 75 photos, secured with an elastic band.

For larger orders you may be sharing with other family and/or friends, make sure each separate persons photos are well labelled so that we can make individual DVD’s.

We do offer the service to remove and replace photos from albums for an extra charge ($30/hour)


    •  How should I package my photos?


      • Your photos should be packed securely in a sturdy box, such as a shoebox.
      • Be sure you include a copy of your order form or your full contact info with the photos, in the box.
      • You should batch photos neatly in stacks up to 75 secured with a rubber band.


    •  Where do I ship or drop off my photos for scanning?

You can ship your photos via courier or mail to:
Scan It Up
11-300 Earl Grey Dr.
Suite #215
Kanata, ON, K2T 1C1


Free Drop Off Location:

Seabrook Floral Design & Gifts
(Gift Shop)
1099 Carp Rd
Stittsville, ON
K2S 1B9

Mon-Fri 9 AM – 5 PM
Sat 10 AM – 3 PM

    •  How do I pay for my order?

  • When you order is complete, you will receive an email invoice to review with a link for you to follow to make payment.
  • We use PAYPAL for all of our credit card and money transfer payments. PayPal is an extremely safe and secure way to make payments online.
  • You do not need a full PayPal account to make a payment. You will by asked (by PayPal) to create a username and password before making your payment but this is just an added level of security for your information. PAYPAL always has the most up to date security in place for you.
  • You can pay using your credit card or add money to you PayPal account and do a money transfer to pay for your order.