Friends & Family Deal

The best price you will find!

Gather the photos from your friends and family and submit together for an amazing deal.basementboxes

$900 – Savings of over 80% OFF regular pricing!

  • Up to 10,000 photos
  • Scanned at 600 dpi
  • Colour Corrected
  • Saved as .jpeg files
  • Includes 10 DVDs (extra DVD’s $5 each)
  • Photo sizes from 2″x2.5″ to 5″x7″

Please sort photos  into bundles of up to 75 photos.

Clearly label batches based on how you would like your DVDs organized.


Make sure all photos are secure for shipping.

If you have photos that MUST be kept in a particular order, please number the backs.

Please contact us with any questions.